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The world of tomorrow can't exist without

Made in Hengelo

With local pride and our enthusiastic employees, the KIPG companies are a proud Dutch producer. Our employees are central to our local focus and high-quality production. Each product shows not only craftsmanship and dedication, but also the joint effort of our team to make the Dutch future tangible.

Come work on the CleanTech campus of the future!

The Green Box, the name of the CleanTech Campus, has grown enormously in recent years, and the future plans are even bigger!

Kymo's Craftsmanship

He is a welder at NieuweWeme, and his craftsmanship shines through. In this video he explains what exactly is so cool about his profession and the possibilities at NieuweWeme.

We invest in the generations of the future

Four companies that make the future tangible.

Are you looking for a job where you can really make a difference? Do you want to contribute to a cleaner, healthier and greener future? Then you are in the right place! Your dream job is waiting for you.

The companies of the Future


Sustainable Energy Storage Systems


The producer of products and projects of the future

Vigor Charging

The innovative charging stations and e-mobility solutions of the Netherlands.

Koolen Industries Engineering

The inventors of the latest solutions for the energy transition!

Different Companies, Different Jobs.

Here we devise and develop products that enable a greener future, from charging points to battery solutions. Will you join us?


If you like working with your hands, this is your place. Whether you weld, assemble or assemble, we offer you the opportunity to use your craftsmanship for a more sustainable future.


The energy transition has set many companies in motion, and they need help. If you want to assist them from A to Z in choosing sustainable solutions, then you've come to the right place.


Whether you are a natural leader or excel in hospitality, with us you can use your skills for a greener future. The choice is yours!

The Facts




Years of Experience




New Colleagues

All companies on this site are part of the Koolen Industries Products Group. Together they ensure that the energy transition does not remain an abstract idea, but becomes tangible in practice.

6 Characteristics of Our Companies


We are proud of our constant drive to create cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of the energy industry. We are looking for enthusiastic, creative thinkers who want to join this exciting journey.

Working Together

We are all about teamwork and diversity. We believe in combining different perspectives and talents to grow together and accelerate the energy transition.


Our people are the driving force behind our organization, driven by passion and dedication for innovation, collaboration, diversity and knowledge. The well-being and development of every team member is central to us. Here we create a supportive and inspiring environment in which your growth comes first. It's about you and your contribution to a more sustainable future.


Knowledge is the driving force in our companies. We encourage constant learning and sharing of insights. Our teams are excited to continuously contribute to our expertise and move the energy industry forward with new insights.

Amazing Projects

One thing is certain: when you're building the future, you always end up with the coolest projects. Hydrogen, electricity, innovative ideas for the future; everything passes. While we can't share all the final results with you directly, we can confidently say that we are working on some truly sensational things!


Real go-getters work for us. Accelerating is in our DNA, because we know that the future does not come easy. We are driven by a common goal: to realize the things of the future today.

Take a look in the kitchen!

This is where our innovations are made with passion.

The Process

Step 1: Apply!

Step 2: We schedule an Appointment

Step 3: Introduction, tour and a nice cup of coffee!

Step 4: Possibly a second conversation

Step 5: Signing

Step 6: Lift-Off!

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Feel free to ask any questions, we are eager to help you take the next step in your career!

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