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Vigor Charging

We make e-mobility possible through advanced solutions and 30 years of sector expertise.

Vigor is buzzing with energy!

We have a goal: to help the Netherlands become CO2 neutral by 2050. The transport sector still contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. Less emissions is the mission, but it is not easy, especially with all the fuss in the electricity grid. That's where Vigor comes into the picture. We stand side by side with municipalities, government institutions and companies to boost e-mobility and tackle those challenges. Together we go for greener roads!

What we find important

Sustainable innovation

Nice working environment

Make impact

Development and long-term growth


Charging the Future

Vigor Charging Culture


For us, everything revolves around technical ingenuity. We never sit still and encourage creative ideas and solutions. If you have a brilliant idea about what the future of the automotive industry should look like, then you've come to the right place!


The world of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure is still in its infancy. That is why we do not see problems, but opportunities. It's time to go full throttle, especially with electric vehicles! Are you participating?

Thinking in Opportunities

The world of EVs and charging infrastructure is still in its early stages. That is why we do not think in terms of problems, but in terms of opportunities. The time to (electric) gas is now! Will you help?

Discover the project we made possible. You can contribute to this too!

Vigor Charging Vacancies

Currently we don't have any open positions.
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